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The name ‘Vidyasagar’ itself describes its depth as ‘ocean of knowledge’. Our founder, Dr. Praveen Kumar Jain, has a vast experience of more than 3 decades in the field of education. We believe in providing a quality education to the children by following the latest curriculums and syllabus prescribed by the educational boards and blending it with the latest technologies. The most salient features of our books have been that these are prepared by the experts of their respective fields. Currently we are providing books for Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle Level, Secondary & Senior-Secondary levels on various subjects. Marching ahead towards Digital India Mission, we are also launching books in digital format. For instance, our Science text book “Science Safari” is available in digitized format that includes audio/video explanation and interactive exercises with their instant solution. The QR codes given with each chapter can be scanned for Animations. Besides the students, we are also proving platform for the easiness of teachers/tutors. Our Web Support system with well-prepared Lesson Plans, Keys/Solutions to all comprehension questions and exercises, and generating Question Papers is another tool adding up. Proving quality education to One and All is our prime concern. Keeping track of important changes in education and technology taking place on timely basis, we are also making sincere efforts to inculcate such changes in our publications from time to time.

Digital Learning

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Digital Learning

Choose from over 5000 questions to create your own tests and exam papers.

Digital Learning

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Akshar Writing
Capital Writing
Rhymes A
Number Book 1-100
Word Practice
Number Book 1-20
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Shabd Gyan
Picture Album
Rhymes B
Shabd Writing
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Swar Gyan
Table Book
Rhymes C
Swar Writing
Word Maker

Write Right-1
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Write Right-3
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Grammar Studio-1
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English Reader-1
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भाषा भारती-1
भाषा भारती-2
भाषा भारती-3
भाषा भारती-4
भाषा भारती-5
भाषा भारती-6
भाषा भारती-7
भाषा भारती-8

व्याकरण परवीन-1
व्याकरण परवीन-2
व्याकरण परवीन-3
व्याकरण परवीन-4
व्याकरण परवीन-5
व्याकरण परवीन-6
व्याकरण परवीन-7
व्याकरण परवीन-8

Gentle Maths-1
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Social Network-1
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Digital World-1
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Knowledge Park-1
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Science Safari-1
Science Safari-2
Science Safari-3
Science Safari-4
Science Safari-5